2013 Bronze Award in the Consumer & E-commerce Category

2013 Bronze Award in the Consumer & E-commerce Category

Avirate Fashion won the Bronze award in the Consumer and E-commerce category at the 2013 BestWeb.lk competition. Sarinda de Silva, the Communications Manager at Avirate, stated that his team was delighted about winning the award.

“All of us at Avirate were happy to win the award. We also won a silver medal at the 2012 contest, but this award was equally satisfying.”

Winning the award has helped the company’s reputation immensely – not only have the website visits increased, there has also been a significant impact to their sales.

 “Our fans expressed their joy about the achievement; they feel proud to associate with a brand that has won the prestigious BestWeb.lk award. We have seen huge improvements in our site visits as well as in sales records.”

Launched just a few years ago, Avirate has used its website to publicize its product range to the international market. The BestWeb.lk contest has been an influence to improve the user experience of their site.

 “The aim of our website is to market our brand globally and let customers view our range of products. Since the BestWeb.lk contest came to being, we have occasionally changed our layout and added more products to our site.”

Having won two awards in the past two years, Sarinda spoke of his aims for this year’s contest.

“We have entered the BestWeb.lk 2014 competition, and our focus is on winning the Gold award in the Consumer and E-Commerce category this time.”