2013 Bronze Award in the Media Category

2013 Bronze Award in the Media Category

Everlasting Radio was the Bronze winner in the Media category at the 2013 BestWeb.lk awards. Breaking away from the conventional radio stations, Everlasting Radio looks to offer a unique experience to the Sri Lankan audience. Their website is aimed at mirroring the audio service they offer to the listeners.

“Our Website exists as an extension of the service we are providing to our listeners through our online radio service. Our mission is not just to provide music, but inspiration as well, hence our tagline: ‘Music & Inspiration’. In regards to this, our website focuses on providing listeners with information that is beyond the purview of most media sites.” says Vasanth, from the Everlasting Radio team.

Having a well-designed and comprehensive website, different to the other media-based web pages, encouraged the team to take part in the BestWeb.lk contest. The whole of Everlasting Radio was delighted about winning the award.

 “Our organization was highly thrilled, especially considering that due to various reasons, we were the only media company that was not broadcasting on the conventional airwaves.”

Vasanth, a Senior Presenter at the station, spoke of the reaction they got from the fans when the company won the award.

 “Many of our fans reacted with excitement on our social media outlets; Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus, acknowledging the accomplishment and encouraging us to further pursue even greater goals.”

Winning the Bronze award at the BestWeb.lk contest has encouraged the company to push beyond the boundaries in their field of work. Everlasting Radio aims to continue its operations and reach out to many more Sri Lankans and global audiences in keeping with their vision; ‘Music and Inspiration’.

 “It has given us the boldness to push the limits as a media outlet, regardless  of the various challenges posed and to try and come out as a radio station that gives more than just music. We want to give people music and inspiration, not just in Sri Lanka, but around the world.”