2013 Gold Award in the Best Developer Special Category

2013 Gold Award in the Best Developer Special Category

Sandaruwan Madduma Bandara and his 3CS team were the masterminds behind two award winning websites at BestWeb.lk 2013. In addition to the Silver Award in the Media category and the Bronze medal in the Travel and Tourism category, Sandaruwan’s 3CS team walked away with the Gold award in the Best Developer special category.

Speaking to us, Sandaruwan stated the objective that his team focuses on whenever a client company approaches them to get a website done.

“Our objective is to design the best possible websites in all aspects – visual design, appeal to the user, usability as well as the technical aspects. This translates for superior revenue for our commercial clients and achievement of website targets for non-commercial clients.”

The 3CS team had entered the BestWeb.lk contest in 2010 with the website of Mount Lavania Hotel, which bagged the Gold award in the Corporate category. This was pivotal in 3CS increasing its reputation as a web design company. Three years later, they were awarded the Gold medal in the Best Developers category for the second consecutive year.

“We won numerous awards for the sites we developed in 2012 and 2013, and also won Gold for the Best Website Developer in both years. We are hoping to emulate this success at the ongoing BestWeb.lk 2014 contest.”

Ending up on top of the awards list in consecutive years has resulted in 3CS becoming a household name in Sri Lanka’s web design industry. Sandaruwan feels that 3CS is now undoubtedly the best developer in the island.

“Winning the gold award for Best Website Developer two years in a row has consolidated the perception that 3CS is Sri Lanka’s premier web design company.”

The 3CS team reviews all of its client websites and makes necessary changes if needed. Their solution for a customer is aa continuous process, which is much broader than merely setting up the website and closing the deal. Attention to detail and working towards the ultimate objective of the website has been the key for the company’s success. The BestWeb.lk competition has been a catalyst for the work they do.

“We have improved all of our websites because of BestWeb.lk contest. We pay very close attention to visual design, usability and the quality. The improvements we have made to our solutions because of BestWeb.lk contest have translated into real increases in revenue and performance for our clients.”

When asked about the impact the award had had on their work, Sandaruwan spoke of how satisfying and motivating the BestWeb.lk competition is.

“It was the best feeling in the world when we won the awards. We felt that our hard work and efforts had been recognised. It is highly motivating, and we are grateful to BestWeb.lk  for providing this incentive for the entire web design industry in Sri Lanka.”