2013 Overall Bronze Award & The Gold Award in the Sports & Entertainment Category

2013 Overall Bronze Award & The Gold Award in the Sports & Entertainment Category

Island Cricket, the popular fan-website for Sri Lankan cricket, won the Overall Bronze award and the Gold award in the Sports & Entertainment category in the 2013 edition of BestWeb.LK.

Hilal Suhaib, founder and editor of the website, launched it because he had observed very little content on the internet for followers of the Sri Lankan cricket team.

“When Island Cricket was launched in December 2008, there was very little content online for fans of the Sri Lankan cricket team, so our main objective was to fulfill that need. The site also empowers fans by giving them a platform to share their views on the sport and the governance of the sport through articles and blog posts, in addition to allowing fans to curate and aggregate content.”

Hilal added that everyone at Island Cricket was thrilled to be winning the awards. He acknowledges the top contributors, Sri Lankan cricket fans and the volunteer staff members for their hard word. The team did not forget to dedicate the awards to the users of their site.

“The general public seemed genuinely happy, and since Island Cricket is powered by fan-submitted content, they felt that it was their award too, which was great.”

Hilal spoke of the impact the BestWeb.lk award had on the site:

“Island Cricket’s success at the BestWeb.lk awards has given the site positive publicity, and has helped create more awareness of the site amongst Sri Lankans.”

The Island Cricket team summarized their experience of taking part in the BestWeb.lk contest.

“BestWeb.lk is Sri Lanka’s premier web awards. The exposure received from our prior success at BestWeb.lk has been fantastic. I strongly recommend all Sri Lankan websites to take part.”