Competition Stages

The campaign will be in five phases.



  • Registration for the competition is open to domain holders of .lk,,, during the designated registration period, and they can register by visiting BestWeb.LK
  • Please ensure to verify the eligibility of your website by checking the terms and conditions to prevent any potential delays during the registration process.
  • This year, there’s a fixed Rs. 2,500 application fee. Some categories are exempt. Check the categories page to see if your category requires a fee. This can be paid after completing the standard application form.



  • Selection criteria for this stage include a successful initial security scan and adherence to eligibility criteria.
  • Winners of TopWeb.LK from January to June 2024 will receive direct access to this level.
  • Announcements for this stage will be communicated through both the website and email.
  • Mandatory requirement: Display the BestWeb.LK logo on your site; non-compliance will result in disqualification.
  • The same set of applicants chosen for voting in this stage.



  • Members of the general public can participate in the voting process through the competition’s website.
  • Selection will be based on a predetermined set of criteria, and it’s essential to meet specific requirements beyond simply securing the highest number of votes in the category.
  • The duration of the voting period will be communicated through our website and social media platforms. It is mandatory to include the voting link on the submitted website to be eligible for the “Most Popular Award.”
  • Each individual is allowed to cast a single vote for one website within each category, using a valid email address. Any instances of fraudulent or multiple votes will be disregarded, and websites receiving an excessive number of votes may face disqualification.



  • Evaluation will be conducted based on the specified judging criteria, with a panel comprised of selected ICT industry experts, encompassing academics, professionals, and business leaders.
  • All nominees in each category will be featured on the website and notified through email to the respective winners, encompassing Gold, Silver, Bronze, Best Mobile Optimization Website, and the Most Popular Websites.



  • Winners will be revealed on the Award Day, and all nominees are guaranteed to leave with a win on the awards night. Your active participation in receiving your award is eagerly anticipated.
  • In addition to recognizing website winners, we will feature web developers on the website and inform them of their well-deserved recognition for the Awards night. Every web developer will be acknowledged and appreciated during the awards ceremony as well.