Competition Stages

The campaign will be in three phases.



.lk / / other .lk domains ( domain holders can register during the registration period of the Competition by visiting

Applicants should be agreed with the following, if not your application will not be processed.

  1. The participating .lk domain is not expired at the time of applying and throughout the Competition.
  2. To abide by the Competition Rules given in
    • Follow-up all emails sent to the applicant during Competition and reply promptly.
    • Display logo sent to the applicant throughout the Competition & until the final Judging date.
    • Revising the website is only eligible until Judging starts.
    • Website should be live without an interruption, if any down time is encountered your application for will be disqualified.
    • .com or re-directing sites are not eligible for the Competition.

Please refer, Facebook, Twitter for latest updates.



Judging will be done as per the following criteria, and a panel of selected ICT Industry experts, including academics, professionals, and business leaders will judge applications.

Following table displays the allocated marks for judging criteria.


Judging Criteria Marks Allocation
Technical 40
Design 20
Content 20
Interaction 20
Penalty Points (if any) -30
Multilingual/ Community Purpose or any other 20
Mobile Optimized 40
Bonus points 60
Total: 190

For more details:



The final phase of the competition will be voting and final Judging.

General public can cast their votes through the website.

  • Duration of the voting period is one week.
  • Vote link to be placed on to submitted website is mandatory to participate “Most Popular Award”.
  • Each person shall vote only one website per each category, using a valid email address.
  • Any fraudulent or multiple votes will be discarded and any sites for which frequent votes are sent may be disqualified.