The participants of the competition will be judged on both creativity and technical achievement. The Panel of Judges comprising of industry experts with broad web expertise and ability to spot talent will be responsible with judging the websites. The public too can contribute by voting for their favourite site.

What Is

LK Domain Registry conducts competition annually since 2009 and this is the twelfth time it is been conducted. Today, an organisaton needs an attractive and effective website as its front door. is a web-based competition providing an exclusive opportunity to promote and popularise Sri Lankan websites and showcase Sri Lankan abilities online.

Why take part in competition

  1. Provide a platform to improve the quality of online advertising, internet marketing, and website promotion.
  2. Impress your client, impress companies, justify interactive budget, create an internet marketing opportunity, and receive valuable feedback regarding the status of your own website development efforts.
  3. Applicants need to know how a good web design helps them to keep their  leads on your page.
  4. Winners website will be featured on “” with a link to their website.
  5. Winners will have the benefit of receiving Awards and Certificates.
  6. Winners can display the winner logo in their respective websites.
  7. Applicants are eligible for a free security scan with the consent of  the client and will advise to fix errors and avoid possibilities of getting hacked.
  8. We are supported by Industry Professional on Voluntary basis to carry out our Judging process.
  9. All websites that comply with the application process are sent for a free Security Scan and will be short listed for evaluation stage of the competition.
  10. An expert Panel of Judges will be appointed with the responsibility of judging each submission. This panel will comprise of web experts and who will spot talent in a non-biased manner. The entries will be judged on creativity, quality of graphic design, artistry, technological expertise and the quality of the content, made available to the user.

How to


Applications can be submitted through i.e. sent by the Registrant, Admin, Technical or billing contact only. Also and websites can be submitted through the registration system (Terms and conditions apply).