Who can apply for the competition?

The BestWeb.LK Competition is open to all websites registered under.lk domain (ie. .lk / .gov.lk/ .ac.lk / .sch.lk)

What are the differences of BestWeb.LK and TopWeb.LK competitions?

BestWeb.LK is an annual competition whereas TopWeb.LK is conducted on a monthly basis.

How BestWeb.LK and TopWeb.LK categories identified?

BestWeb.LK competition has many categories and special awards, whereas TopWeb.LK evaluation is done on common attributes. However, both aim to uplift the standards of “.lk” websites.

What are the differences of evaluations?

BestWeb.LK is a competition where your site needs to be better than others to win an award. In TopWeb.LK, all sites meeting the required minimum standard get recognized.

How do BestWeb.LK and TopWeb.LK competitions evaluate websites?

BestWeb.LK is evaluated by a panel of Judges comprising industry professionals, whereas TopWeb.LK evaluations are partly done using automated systems and has less human judgement.

What are the conditions to apply for BestWeb.LK and TopWeb.LK competitions?

Any TopWeb.LK winner may apply for BestWeb.LK at their discretion, whereas BestWeb.LK winners (Gold, Silver & Bronze) may not enter TopWeb.LK during the year following the winning of BestWeb.LK. (However, the winners in the ‘Popular Website’ category can apply for TopWeb.LK competition)

What is the form for sending an application to the BestWeb.LK competition?

Using the online entry link, which is available at www.bestweb.lk

Who can send an application for the competition?

.lk domains

  • Domain Registrant, Admin, Technical or Billing Contact of the domain can submit the online application via domains.lk. (https://rs.domains.lk/myaccountlogin)
  • If the Admin, Technical or Billing is different to the Registrant of the domain, the owner’s (Registrant) consent is mandatory either by confirming the link sent to the Registrant at the time of submitting the application or sending a written consent to [email protected]

gov.lk / ac.lk /sch.lk domains

  • Webmaster or any authorized officer could submit the online application for gov.lk or any other .lk domains not administered by LK Domain Registry (eg: ac.lk, sch.lk etc.) via domains.lk. (https://rs.domains.lk/myaccountlogin)
  • Print the acknowledgement email sent to the applicant at the time of submitting the application.
  • Obtain the Authorized Officer / Commissioner’s signature with the Official Seal.
  • Scan the Original Signed document and submit through the system applied for the Competition or email to [email protected]

How to apply for the competition?

Please check the link which explains the  application process https://blog.domains.lk/2020/02/system-procedure-bestweblk-2020.html.

Who is not be eligible to enter the BestWeb.LK competition?

The websites that contain any of the following will not be eligible to enter the Competition:

  • Websites with .com or re-directing sites.
  • Websites with Illegal, Obscene, Abusive or Preposterous content.
  • Websites that are in the opinion of judges deemed to be of poor quality, in bad taste or have defamatory content.
  • Websites that have been deemed unsuitable for the Competition by the judging panel for any other reason.

BestWeb.LK logo display requirement

Logo has to be displayed, in your website throughout the BestWeb.LK competition until the final judging is done.

Vote link requirement

It has to be in your site throughout the BestWeb.LK voting period.

When can I apply for the BestWeb.LK competition?

Within the registration period, when the “apply” link is available on the BestWeb.LK website.

Can I apply after the deadline mentioned in the website (Late application) ?

Without a valid reason, via email we will not accept late  applications after the closing date.

Will the website owners be notified regarding the nominations?

Nominated websites will be subjected to a review by a Panel of Judges and the website owners will be notified regarding the nominations.

When do I agree to the terms and condition of the competition?

You agree to the terms and conditions of the competition at the time of lodging the application.

When do I select the award category ?

You should mention the award category at the time of lodging the application.

Can we request change of category?

Yes, before the Judging Period.

Can LK domain registry change category applied?

Yes, we will seek  customer consent before changing the category if the category applied is not falling to the requested category after reviewing the website.

How can we get in to voting phase ?

In the event that a website is not accessible during the evaluation period, the website will not be selected for the voting phase.

Any additional info to provide other than the application sent?

The judges reserve the right to request for additional information or reject a nominated website without explanation.

How do you select the winners?

Choosing a winning website will be solely at the discretion of the Judges and is not negotiable by nominators.

Do we need to call often to check the process ?

No, Website owners should be reachable on the contact details provided.

What is the procedure regarding website’s security concern ?

Nominated website can be scheduled for an external website scan at any time in the “Review of application period” mentioned in the “Time Frame” (Until Releasing the Results) to assess the eligibility for the competition on the website’s security perspective.

Do you inform us regarding security scan reports?

Weak security websites will be informed to re-design/re-structure their websites immediately to be in the competition, two reminders will be sent or  else will be disqualified.

Can we promote our website with banners ads on other websites?

Yes. You can use any legitimate and ethical advertising. However, you should not “buy” votes or in any way use bots, “fake accounts” or have 1 person vote more then once.

Can we promote our website on Social Media platforms during the voting period?


What are the guidelines with regards to promotion our website during the voting period?

You can use any legitimate and ethical method.