Eligibility and Application Process:

Who can apply for the competition?

The BestWeb.LK Competition is open to all websites registered under the .lk domain (i.e., .lk, .gov.lk, .ac.lk, .sch.lk). For a more comprehensive understanding of the Eligibility Criteria, please refer to the Terms & Conditions page.

How to apply for the competition?

Using the online entry link available at www.bestweb.lk
A step-by-step guide will be posted on the website in the near future.

Who is not eligible to enter the BestWeb.LK competition?

Websites containing .com or redirecting sites, those with illegal, obscene, abusive, or preposterous content, and websites deemed of poor quality or with defamatory content by the judging panel are not eligible. For a more comprehensive understanding of the Eligibility Criteria, please refer to the Terms & Conditions page.

Who can send an application for the competition?

For .lk domains, the domain registrant, admin, technical, or billing contact can submit the online application via domains.lk (https://rs.domains.lk/myaccountlogin). If different from the registrant, the owner’s consent is mandatory.

For gov.lk/ac.lk/sch.lk domains, the webmaster or any authorized officer can submit the online application via domains.lk. Additionally, an acknowledgment email and the authorized officer/commissioner’s signature with the official seal are required.

When can I apply for the BestWeb.LK competition?

Applications can be submitted within the registration period when the “apply” link is available on the BestWeb.LK website. Late applications will not be accepted after the closing date.

Competition Structure:

What are the differences between BestWeb.LK and TopWeb.LK?

BestWeb.LK: An annual competition with multiple categories and special awards. Websites compete against each other, and judges determine winners based on excellence.

TopWeb.LK: Conducted monthly, evaluating common attributes. Recognition is given to all sites meeting the minimum standard, fostering continuous improvement in ” .lk” websites.

How can TopWeb.LK winners receive direct access to BestWeb.LK?

Process: Winners from TopWeb.LK (January to June 2024) gain direct entry to BestWeb.LK without undergoing the standard registration process.

Exemption: No application fee is needed, and winners skip reapplying for BestWeb.LK. Category details must be provided, and standard terms apply.

How are websites evaluated in BestWeb.LK?

BestWeb.LK employs a panel of judges comprising industry professionals with expertise in various aspects of web development, design, and functionality. Websites compete in various categories, and special awards recognize outstanding achievements in specific areas. More details with regard to Evaluation criteria can be viewed here: https://www.bestweb.lk/judging-criteria/

Rules and Conditions:

When do I agree to the terms and conditions of the competition?

When submitting the application, you implicitly agree to comply with the terms and conditions.

Can I apply after the deadline mentioned on the website?

While late applications will not be accepted, an exception is made for TopWeb.LK June winners, offering a potential opportunity for inclusion.

Category and Award Information:

When do I select the award category?

During the application submission, you can choose the award category from the provided dropdown menu. Access the list of categories at https://www.bestweb.lk/award-categories/.

Can we request a change of category?

If a change in category is needed, it must be requested before the evaluation period, as outlined in the timeframe provided at https://www.bestweb.lk/time-frame/.
The request can be made via email to [email protected]

How do you select the winners?

Winners are chosen by the panel of judges, and their decisions are considered final. The judging panel’s expertise ensures a thorough and conclusive selection process.


Can we promote our website on social media platforms during the voting period?

Yes, website owners are allowed to promote their websites on social media platforms during the voting period.

What are the guidelines for promoting our website during the voting period?

  • The promotion should adhere to ethical and legitimate practices.
  • Use any fair and ethical methods for promotion.
  • Avoid purchasing votes or using bots, fake accounts, or any other means that compromise the integrity of the voting process.
  • Ensure promotion aligns with the principles of fair competition and ethical behavior.
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