Judging Criteria

Judging Criteria

An expert Panel of Judges will be appointed with the responsibility of judging each submission. This panel will comprise of web experts and who will spot talent in a non-biased manner. The entries will be judged on creativity, quality of graphic design, artistry, technological expertise and the quality of the content, made available to the user. More details of these criteria are given below.

Technical Criteria

  • All pages are complete
  • Contact information
  • Updated recently (depending on category)
  • Simple URL
  • Menus
  • No broken links
  • Links to home page
  • W3C conformance
  • Browser compatibility
  • Availability (when checked)
  • Meeting bestweb.lk rules
  • Loading time

Design Criteria

We are not looking at graphics, etc. in this section.

  • Clear site architecture
  • Site navigation structure and features, site map
  • User friendliness

Features of each page, can check a representative sample.

  • Use of graphics
  • Use of HTML features – dynamic page content, tool tips, etc

Content Criteria

  • Volume of content
  • Relevance to site objectives
  • Accuracy and completeness of content
  • Creativity
  • Appealing to the intended audience
  • Richness (multimedia, etc)

Interaction Criteria

(Other than just clicking)

  • Interactivity
  • Clarity of transaction flow
  • Meaningful error handling
  • Security features (password length, etc)
  • Menus
  • Privacy of personal info
  • W3C conformance
  • Browser compatibility
  • Availability
  • Meeting BestWeb.lk rules
  • Accessibility for disabled persons
  • Social Network integration
  • Use of latest technologies to improve site