Judging Criteria

An expert Panel of Judges is appointed with the responsibility of judging each submission. This panel is comprises web experts who will spot talent in a non-biased manner. The entries will be judged on creativity, quality of graphic design, artistry, technological expertise and the quality of the content, made available to the user. More details of these criteria are given below.

Technical Criteria


  • All pages should be complete
  • Contact information including physical addresses, e-mail and tel. no.
  • Recent Updates (depending on category)
  • Feedback /contact us form
  • Searching facility
  • Privacy policy (for website collecting or accepting any type of user data)
  • Cookies policy (for websites collecting or accepting any type of user data or activity)


  • Simple URL
  • Menus
  • No broken links
  • Links to home page
  • “HTTPS” Protocol is mandatory for all the web sites to be eligible to compete in BestWeb.lk


  • W3C conformance
  • Browser compatibility / responsiveness
  • Availability (when checking )
  • Meeting-up bestweb.lk rules and regulations
  • Mobile device compatibility


  • Loading time

Design Criteria


We are not looking at graphics, etc. in this section.

  • Clear site architecture
  • Site navigation structure and feature site map
  • User friendliness – user should be clear what’s happening
  • Consistency – use of standard headers, footers, menus, colours, etc.
  • Help , FAQ


Features of each page, can check a representative sample.

  • Page structure and layout – easy to read and understand, not congested
  • Good use of fonts, font sizes, etc.
  • Good colour scheme – standard colours for links, etc.
  • Good use of graphics – no over-use of graphics
  • Good use of html features – dynamic page content, etc.
  • Availability of help
  • Overall aesthetics, professionalism (depending on type of site)

Content Criteria


  • Volume of content – sufficient for category
  • Relevance to site objectives


  • Accuracy and completeness of content (as can be judged)
  • Creativity, appealing to the intended audience
  • Richness (multimedia, etc.)
  • Spelling & grammar
  • Use proper language for translations Sinhala, Tamil or English
  • Visual image quality
  • Quality of content in images, videos, etc.

Interaction Criteria


(other than just clicking)

  • Interactivity
  • Clarity of transaction flow
  • Meaningful error handling


  • Strong password should be maintained for CMS administrator.
  • “HTTPS” Protocol is mandatory for all the websites to be eligible to compete in BestWeb.lk
  • Updated modules should be used
  • Quality and quantity of the Content, Security, completeness, use of appropriate technology, user engagement, etc

Multilingual / Community Purpose

  • Multilingual websites will be eligible only in Unicode standards
  • Other languages are considered except default
  • Quantity and Quality of Contents or if no multilingual, Community Purpose website are considered in this criteria.

Mobile Optimization

  • Mobile responsive design
  • View from any device
  • Compatibility
  • Loading time


  • Multilingual (compulsory for govt. sites)
  • Accessibility for disabled persons
  • Use of latest technologies to improve site
  • Hard-Coded website (without using CMS)
  • Additional features
  • Other (as needed) -Social Network integration

Penalty points (Negative marks)

  • Copywrite Violation. Refrain from using Copyright info and pictures without permission.
  • Unwanted content / ads / plug-ins / modules.
  • Direct Google Translations.


  • W3C conformance
  • Browser compatibility
  • Availability
  • Meeting BestWeb.lk rules and adhering to the given time frame to display BestWeb Logo and codes which will be sent to applicants