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“.LK BestWeb” Voting

The voting system is enabled for applicants to find out the most popular website out of 12 categories published on the site.Votes will be calculated electronically via an automated system, which is an efficient way to find the Most Popular Website of the respective year.

.LK BestWeb voting system enables website owners by supporting in maximizing their market reach by making the platform to be a mode of evaluation of their website.

The voting system evaluates respective website based on the number of legitimate votes received within a specific period of Time (which will be announced under Time Frame).

How it Works

  • The Logo for Voting will be given (which enables the participant’s site for voting) for the initially screened and evaluated participants.
  • It is a mandatory requirement that the Voting Logo has to be enabled and displayed on the participant’s site at all times during the competition to be eligible to stay in the competition.
  • The respective voting link is connected with voting system website (internally) along with the participant’s home page link.
  • All Evaluations will be done based on respective categories.
  • During the voting period, the sites will be monitored by the Technical Team with the automated system given in the Time Frame to choose the Most Popular award winners based on each Category.

Time Frame

Promotional Activities

Participants could promote their website by placing banners on other websites who runs ads or marketing activities during the voting period.

  1. Participants may use acceptable legitimate and ethical methods. However, they should not “buy” votes by any mean or use bots, “fake accounts” or have 1 person vote more than once.
  2. Participants are enabled to promote website on their respective Social Media platforms and/or other marketing activities and/or accepted legitimate and ethical method if required during the voting period.

Past Winners

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